Helping deliver the best education for our African American youth

Our Team




Dr. Keylah Boyer - Co-PresidenT

Alumni - Concordia University



Mrs. Elizabeth Casson-Taylor - Co-President

Alumni - University of Portland



MRs. Renee Anderson - Treasurer

Alumni - UCLA


Mrs. Judy Knawls Boyer - Recording Secretary

Alumni - Concordia University



Dr. Karin Edwards - Member at Large

Alumni - State University of Newark



Mr. Conrad Hurdle - Member at Large

Alumni - Oregon State University



Mr. Kevin Bacon - Member at Large

Alumni - Oregon State University


Mr. Lou Radja - Member at Large

Alumni - Portland State University



mS. Marshawna Williams - Member at Large

Alumni - University of Portland

Our vision is to live in a society where the opportunity gap is eliminated and access to a quality education is a reality for all students.

Founder and Past Presidents

  • Dr. Ernest Hartzog, Founder

  • Dr. Charles Hopson

  • Dr. Wynona Lowe

  • Mr. Nathan Jones

  • Ms. Patricia Bradley

  • Mr. Ken Berry

  • Mr. Leroy Patton

  • Ms. Lurlene Shamsud-Din

  • Mr. Michael “Chappie” Grice